Mac Mini with 2TB Fusion Drive now available

Apple has silently launched its compact-sized ‘server’ storage, the Mac Mini. Apple is offering the new 2TB Mac Mini, which also comes with its Fusion Drive. Meanwhile, it features a 256GB solid state drive paired with a hard drive. If you’re think the 2GB is a too big capacity, there is also option a 1TB Fusion Drive. Apple_Mac_Mini_2TB_Fusion_Drive-3

Company claims the drive can be reach than 80 percent of the speed of a normal SSD, while use its intelligent self-management of prioritizing. Then, the advanced solid-state drives is able perform at about 10 times the conventional hard drive’s speed.


Just reminder, company was announced its Mac Mini in October last year but it was available in a 1TB version only. Now, you’ll see a choose of 2.8GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 or 3GHz dual-core Intel Core i7 processors. On memory department, there are 8GB or 16GB of SDRAM.


It’s suitable for those who want built a media server. Base model of Mac mini is already listed at $999.99 and up. The Mac Mini with the 2TB Fusion Drive configuration will set you back at least $1,099.

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