Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition now available in the US, Canada

Those for you who living in Canada and the United States, which want Microsoft‘s augmented reality headset, here is a good news. The developer version of HoloLens is now available for purchase on the North America through their Microsoft Store. Customers can buy the Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition for developers at price of $4,000 in the Canadian Microsoft Store, while in the United States sells it for $3,000 USD.


Just reminder, the device was initially announced by Microsoft back in October 2015. It is a new revolution in holographic technology. Microsoft HoloLens is made of specialized components that together enable holographic computing.

The optical system works in lock-step with advanced sensors. The HPU makes light work of processing a large amount of data per second. All those components and more enable you to move freely and interact with holograms.

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For that amount, buyers of development edition of HoloLens will receive the Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition itself, clicker, carrying case, charger and cable, microfiber cloth, nose pads, as well as overhead strap.

Highlights of Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition

  • Enables holographic computing natively with no markers, no external cameras, no wires, no phone required, and no connection to a PC needed.
  • Windows 10 device – the interface is familiar, and connected by the power of a unified ecosystem of Windows devices.
  • Consists of multiple environment understanding sensors and it’s powered by a custom-built Microsoft Holographic Processing Unit (HPU) and an Intel 32-bit architecture.
  • Has see-through holographic lenses that use an advanced optical projection system to generate multi-dimensional full-color holograms.
  • Designed for optimal holographic density of 2.5K radiants.
  • Contains advanced sensors to capture information about what you’re doing and the environment you’re in.
  • Built-in cameras enable you to record mixed reality captures (MRC) — HD pictures and video of the holograms that can be shared with others even when they don’t have a HoloLens.
  • HoloLens lets you create and shape holograms with gestures, communicate with apps using your voice, and navigate with a glance.
  • HoloLens understands your gestures, gaze, and voice, enabling you to interact in the most natural way possible.
  • With spatial sound, HoloLens allows you to hear holograms from anywhere in the room, even if they are behind you.
  • Supports Bluetooth 4.1 – helping enable accessories like the clicker that ships with HoloLens device.

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Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition now available in the US, Canada


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