Microsoft prepare Windows 7 RC and emulator XP Mode

Microsoft has confirmed its willingness to preliminary version (the so-called Release Candidate) new Windows 7 operating system. It was also stated that a new approach to support existing applications, Windows XP. Representatives of Microsoft said that a preliminary version, the details of which have recently appeared on the network will be available to members of MSDN and TechNet, with effect from 30 April. Other interested persons can gain access to it on May 5. Reported has the “release candidate” will become the latest test version of Windows 7 available to the wider study, before the final version of the new operating system. It includes changes in key elements of the system, such as the taskbar, control through the touch screen, etc.

In addition, Microsoft announced that Windows 7 operating system will receive a special emulation mode, designed for those who need an operating environment are Windows XP to run specific applications. Using XP Mode creates virtual environments for applications, Windows XP. Moreover, the environment remains virtually invisible to the user, and only the typical style of a line of headers, you can understand that the system works in emulation mode Windows XP. This function is not a substitute for the usual backward compatibility with earlier versions and will be available as a separate free application for Windows 7 Professional, and Ultimate. Beta version of the application, as reported, will be released shortly.

The release of a new prerelease version of Windows 7, fitted to the same emulation mode operating environment XP Mode, is very important for Microsoft, experiencing increasingly fierce competition from the software platforms for Mac OS X Snow Leopard, and Linux, exacerbating the low sales of Windows Vista.

Windows 7 reveals XP mode AKA the IT guy’s wet dream

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Windows 7 RC date, Classic-like XP mode official


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