Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Desktop Set coming to Japan next month

Microsoft has recently unveiled a new peripheral set for PC in Japan. New device is dubbed the Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Desktop Set, which is consist of one wireless keyboard and mouse. Both input devices work with the Microsoft’s latest Windows 8 operating system.Microsoft-Sculpt-Comfort-Desktop-Set-Launch-Date-1

For keyboard, it comes with an ergonomically design with a comfort curve layout. The Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Keyboard features 109 keys, a removable palm rest, and 2.4GHz radio frequency.Microsoft-Sculpt-Comfort-Desktop-Set-Launch-Date-3

Like usual modern mouse, the Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse utilized the BlueTrack technology to ensure well works on almost any surface. Alongside 4-way scroll wheel, this mouse provides a Windows Touch tab on its side, which is used to switch to the start screen on Windows 8.Microsoft-Sculpt-Comfort-Desktop-Set-Launch-Date-2

Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Desktop Set should be available for Japanese market starting September 6th and asking price of 7,980 Yen that’s meaning about $82 at today’s exchange rate.

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