MINOX DCC Leica M3, Gold Leica

Photography is an art that can create gold silver, or at least it happened before luxury disclosing and prints a great photo. The classic Leica M3 now comes in a special edition miniature gold-coated, camera collection which has all its functions (and more) intact. Also, it is completely digital technology.

The MINOX DCC Leica M3 turns photography into gold, or at least it does with some parts in this unique special edition (Gold Edition) for photographers who love technology and a touch of luxury. The appearance of the camera is simply fantastic.

This model has been meticulously diminished to one third of original size. It is full of innovative technology in a modern digital camera has a resolution of 5 mega pixels. The MINOX comes in a beautiful wooden box and costs only 329 Euros, which seems expensive for such a purpose of collection.

Leica Minox Gold


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