Mio Moov S-series, pretty navigators for automotive

Mio announced the sales start of automotive navigators Mio Moov S-series. The series offers models with screen sizes from 3.5″ to 7″ and with integrated navigation software, Mio Spirit, empowering the traditional navigation and providing an opportunity to plan the next trip effectively.

Moov S300 Model is equipped with a 3.5-inch display and it is designed for users and efficient people for the first time acquired a navigator. Moov S500 has a widescreen display with a diagonal of 4.7 inches, the thickness of the shell that is 13.9 mm. Moov S700 Navigator is equipped with 7-inch screen, serves as the digital TV and media, and it has A/V input.

As a promising manufacturer, the Mio Spirit user interface is organized in such a way that allows you to clicking the most popular functions of a touch screen or by pressing the Menu. Key points and objects are displayed as 3D-models, which makes it easier to navigate. Featured Lane Guidance (Recommended lane) and Junction Views (Review interchanges) navigator tell in advance what lane to take, and it will show a 3D model of interchanges with the signs and signposts. In addition, the navigator Mio Moov S family provides additional information about objects, such as, for example, historical background, time, and much more. In a Moov S series has implemented as functions of routing based on fuel economy, warning of speed limits and traffic situation.

Mio Announces Global Launch of Moov S-series
Powered by Mio Spirit and offering a total navigation experience


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