MionixLabs NAOS QG Gaming Mouse with Heart Rate Sensor

If you’re looking something multifunction on your mouse, here is the MionixLabs NAOS QG. It is a newly gaming mouse that integrated with a heart rate sensor. The mouse still keeps advance features for professional gamers like other mice in its category.



The MionixLabs NAOS QG gaming mouse has galvanic skin response sensors for tracking your body’s reactions while you’re playing game through the palm of your hand. It’s also offering insights into your gaming style and body rhythms. So, it looks like the body analyzation in the field for athletes have for more traditional sports.


This device was recently revealed by MionixLabs and claims the world’s first skin-sensitive smart mouse. The MionixLabs NAOS QG comes with the top-notch form-fitting gaming mouse excellence of the original NAOS.

At this moment, the existing prototype is stand by a KickStarter campaign. The mass production is expected to be begin early June of 2015. Asking about price, early-bird time is set the mouse for $79 USD, while the retail price will be cost $129 USD.

Source: kickstarter


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