MoGo Mouse: Wireless Mouse PCMCIA format

Most people prefer laptops built-touchpad back a normal computer mouse. But any such mouse reduces the mobility of a laptop. It should be allocated to a pocket in the bag for the laptop, it is necessary not to forget to charge it, and if it is a wire, where it put those same wires. And now imagine that a mouse lacking all of these deficiencies: a wireless always charged and is not engaged in the field. The mouse, which is not stored along with the laptop, but inside it! The mouse, which is so thin, that is stored in a laptop PCMCIA slot, the company released a Newton Peripherals, and today we look at this unique manipulator.

The main difference and advantage of the MoGo Mouse is its mobility. Optical wireless mouse is unusually compact dimensions and a previously unseen design. In the marching condition it is installed in the PCMCIA laptop compartment and loads of laptop it built in batteries. It is easy to wear, easy to get, and it is always ready to work.

Mouse for notebook MoGo Mouse:

– Microsoft Mouse or compatible device
– There are two Standard Buttons
– Orientation is Universal, for left or right hand
– Interface is Bluetooth
– Positioning accuracy is 500 dpi
– Features Installing PCMCIA slot in your notebook as PC Connectivity
– According to the protocol Bluetooth, up to 10 meters
– Built-in battery charging from the PCMCIA
– Dimensions is 86x54x5 mm
– Weight is 41g.

The mobility has had to sacrifice a lot. For example, the device has only two mouse buttons and a single wheel. A bit unusual but it’s still better than a touchpad. The mouse has a built-in battery charging from the PCMCIA. Replace the battery cannot, as in the case when its sits down, just set the mouse into a laptop PCMCIA slot, and within minutes be able to continue working.

Bluetooth interface is not selected randomly. Many laptops have integrated bluetooth, “meaning they did not need to take an additional USB port of a wireless adapter. For mobile computers is important.

The mouse comes in a small cardboard box with a transparent window. In the kit it is only the thin manual. No drivers or any additional accessories. By the way, this is not something you need, because Mouse uses the standard drivers for Windows.

On the table is something entirely on the mouse does not like. That something is a PCMCIA expansion card for laptops. The standard for this form factor size, standard interface port, and, indeed, lacking only the characteristic thickening at the end of the shell, where different controllers are ports connect the cables.

However, it is not the controller, a computer mouse, which it has gained in the evolution of this unusual form here.

These mouse developers set a goal, its slot PCMCIA. Therefore, the buttons in the traditional representation, it did not have. Today, the majority of the computer mouse button constitutes an integral whole with the upper panel. In the field for the index and middle fingers are deepening, add a mouse so much a part of the necessary ergonomics. Between the buttons is a significant distance, so that those who used to work at the desktop with the mouse wheel, it would be easier to adapt a MoGo accident the next button, you do not click.

To the surprise, the progress of the buttons at the MoGo does not microscopic as it might seem. Mouse clicks audible and confidently, just as a good mouse for your desktop computer. And effort that should make the button is designed in such a way that clicks almost weightless MoGo not shifted, but the button does not yield under the weight of your fingers. In general, for the realization of the few governments can put five mice.

As you can see, the shell is symmetrical about the longitudinal axis, which means that the mouse can be used as left or right hand. Southpaw, of course, it is appreciated.

Abdomen mice, as well as the back have a metal box. In front of the optical unit is an unusual design. In a tall mouse, LED lights and a sensor are a spatial structure. Here, fine corps forced to install separate element of lights and optical sensors separately. Between them there is a distance in a normal computer mouse, such a couple would not work, and the sensor simply has not seen a ray of light. But in the position of optics MoGo Mouse is a certain height from the surface, so that the beam of light illuminates work surface directly under the sensor. Interesting decision, dictated by necessity.

In the rear of the shell of a collapsible, which it does, serves as a switch. It is easily lifted with one finger and rigidly fixed at an angle of approximately 60 degrees. At this point the mouse on and it is ready to work.

In operating position the plane of the mouse MoGo Mouse is located at an angle of about 20 degree to the work surface. Depending on the size of your hand, the interface port of the mouse, i.e., its “feed” always comes back to you, either in the palm or the base of the fingers. And in both case, your hand remains in a natural situation, in much the same way as the mouse stationary computers. It is that, if working for a desktop computer, you can put a whole bunch of fives on the mouse, in the case of the MoGo Mouse, your palm is still on the table, mouse on three sides.

Sliding the mouse is no problem. Record low mass arm and a special cushion are in the bow of doing the same traffic light as its larger congener. The difference in work between the MoGo Mouse and desktop optical mouse is the same as between the laptop and desktop computer. We should just get used to its size and ease, then you can not just use it and enjoy it mobility.

Despite its apparent fragility, MoGo Mouse is ready for heavy service in the hands messy person. Once you get tired with her work – you simply click on the mouse on top, it is – and you can hide it in a laptop PCMCIA slot, where it is stored, charged and waiting in the wings, when she leaves this mink and again will be in your hands.

About MoGo Mouse, you can simply say: “Mall, yes deleted!” But we say little more. This is a manipulator, in which the compactness and convenience of built in previously unattainable levels. Often, in the race for the minimum size manufacturers manipulators, cameras and mobile phones significantly rent in comfort, but this does not apply to the MoGo Mouse. The original design makes it just as wide and comfortable, like an expensive mouse for your desktop computer.

A form factor of PCMCIA – this is a real find for those who forget the mouse on a laptop, or does not want and cannot wear it in a bag with laptops. This is another level of convenience – always ready to work the mouse, where it is always at hand. Of course, if your laptop is already busy slot PCMCIA, then store and charge the MoGo Mouse is nowhere, but this is a special case. Since the summer of that year, Newton Peripherals will deliver the same mouse MoGo Mouse X54 format ExpressCard for notebooks equipped with these expansion slots. This will help somehow to use the slot for which you so hard today to find a useful device.

Simply put, MoGo Mouse – an unusual and very unique manipulator for notebooks. Despite their individuality, which is sure to cause a lot of disputes and issues, this product, is not inferior to a traditional optical mouse. And perhaps such a solution in the future will be used not only to producers of the periphery, but also the vendors of notebooks, like built-manipulator, which is always with you.

Well, if you want to donate MoGo Mouse to my colleague, friend, the Chief (the original all the same gift!), Then first make sure that his laptop is a free slot PCMCIA controller and BlueTooth.

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