Mophie Juice Pack: Useful Accessory for iPod Touch

Mophie announced the release of a very interesting and useful accessory for the iPod Touch 2G. Mophie Juice Pack helps protect the player (case) and the doubling time of battery extender while listening to music, watching videos or work on the Internet. In Mophie claim that Juice Pack to increase the playing time up to 42 hours of audio and video playback.

The device has the ergonomic design, rubber coating, anti-slide, and comes fully charged and ready to go. Juice Pack is an interface through which the iPod Touch, you can simultaneously charge and sync with iTunes, without bring the player out of the device. For this kit supplied USB cable.

Juice Pack is designed so that the first uses its own battery, and only when its low battery iPod Touch. It has battery lithium with protection against overload, overheating and short circuits. On the back of the device are four LEDs that inform on the degree of device and the end of charging.

Mophie Juice Pack for iPod Touch 2G is already available for sale at a price of 100 dollars.

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mophie Juice Pack for iPod touch 2G


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