MSI WS60 mobile workstation with premium specs

MSI has recently announced a new version of its mobile workstation, the MSI WS60. Aimed at professional audience, the machine brings energy-efficient components and large display. That’s making it as a powerful notebook but still thin and light designs.

Coming in big screen, this mobile workstation has a 15.6-inch display with an either of 1920 x 1080 pixel or 3840 x 2160 pixel. Customers can purchase it in either an Intel Core i7-6700HQ or Xeon E3-15005M Skylake processor. It is also accompanied by NVIDIA Quadro graphics and up to 32GB of RAM.


In term of storage, the MSI WS60 laptop provides 2.5 inch drives and M.2 SATA SSDs. The system is equipped with an SDXC card reader. Weighs just 4.3 pounds and just 0.8 inches thick, it packs HDMI, mini DisplayPort, Gigabit Ethernet, WiFi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.1, a Thunderbolt 3 (USB Type-C) port, three USB 3.0 ports, and two USB 2.0 ports. Great point, users can connect two external 4K monitors at once.

Considering its ‘premium’ specifications, the MSI WS60 notebook will come with a higher price tag, we can say it not cheap, the 15.6-inch mobile workstation will be available start from $2000.

Press Release
World’s Fastest, Most Efficient CPU/GPU Comes to Designers and Creative
Professionals in Latest MSI ultra portable workstation -WS60


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