MT Table, Multi-touch table and Multi-user Interactions

Do you ever watch CSI film? CSI New York? or CSI Miami? When the CSI’s members using multi-touch table to investigate database on computer. Now you can do it to on MT Table. The MT Table supports multi-touch and multi-user interactions. This is what Table MT could be called “all-version” of Microsoft Surface. This is a table with a big screen but multi-touch ready to move anywhere that is specially protected to withstand the most adverse conditions for travel.

Ideum original design, this table of 50 inches with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, is intended to be used in places such as museums of knowledge, being a method for people to come and interact with applications that can be developed through a SDK that allows you to use languages like C + +, Python, Java or even use Flash elements.

A ruggedized high-resolution multi-touch table for museums


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