Nest Cam Outdoor rolled out, able to caught sight of a person

Google-owned company, Nest has recently official announced three new colors for its third generation Wi-Fi thermostat. Known as the Nest Thermostat, it is currently hit the shelves in white, black and copper alongside the existing silver color.


Company has also rolled out another new smart home devices, the Nest Cam Outdoor. It is already available for purchase in Canada through the Nest website for cost $249. So, this is a good news for everyone who waiting the smart home devices on their places.


Besides the hardware porfolio, Nest has also refreshed its apps with some update parts. There are new feature that dubbed the Sightline. It is designed to make scrubbing through captured footage faster. Thus, it comes with improved on camera algorithm. The software is capable to spot humans that caught sight of a person and send a notification when that does happen.

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