Netbooks with Intel Atom N280 Processor

Intel has been a joy to the world of NETBOOK, the reason is that they are starting to sell the new Intel Atom N280 processors earlier than expected, but much earlier, around 6 months in advance.

The new Intel Atom N280 is the update to the N270, the processor that basically have all the ultra, the new version reaches a speed of 1.66GHz and a 667MHz bus, compared to 1.6GHz/544MHz the N270. This in a language that all understand is the possibility to watch video in 720p and can encode video directly from a PC.

The first to receive this new processor is the Eee PC 1000HE, but also the new Aspire One 10-inch is expected to have this processor while all other manufacturers updating slowly.

Intel Atom N280 CPU shows up in some new Eee PC models

ASUS announces new Eee 1000HE with N280 CPU and 9.5 hours battery life


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