New Kindle Bigger-Screen, Amazon Prepare

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According to the Wall Street Journal, in the Amazon, the company is working on a new model of e-book Kindle. Its main difference from previous versions will display a larger size. This Wall Street Journal reported the source, which had allegedly seen a new ebook with their eyes. What further innovations will receive Amazon Kindle the new generation, is not known. Remember, the current modification of the device is equipped with a 6-inch display technology-based E-Ink, the resolution is 600 x 800 pixels, it supports the 16 gradations of gray, 2 GB of internal memory, it allows you to upload content on EV-DO networks and supports text, audio and image.

Reported that the new Amazon Kindle (Kindle 3?) With enlarged display will go on sale to the festive season at the end of this year. However, official confirmation of this information yet, a representative of Amazon declined to comment on the rumors.

Amazon Is Developing Bigger-Screen Kindle

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