Nike+ FuelBand sports wristband, fitness device

Nike, famous sport shoes maker, started receiving pre-orders for its wristband, the Nike+ FuelBand. New gadget is designed specifically for athletes and people interested in fitness to motivate and inspire users to be more active.

The ergonomic Nike+ FuelBand will measure your motion, calories, and translates it into NikeFuel. That is calculated by Nike’s methodology based on data obtained from a triaxial accelerometer, and motion.

Athletes will be able to compare the NikeFuel and establish specific goal for the day. The Nike+ FuelBand is built-in 20 LED that glow green or red to let users know when users’ reaching fitness goals.

All of information can be sync to computer via USB or Bluetooth connectivity, and even into an iPhone app. So users are able to keep all goals in one place.

Nike+ FuelBand Price

Price of Nike+ FuelBand sports wristband is $149.

Nike+ FuelBand Video

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Nike+ FuelBand sports wristband
NIKE+ FuelBand makes life a sport


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