Nokia GEM concept phone with full-body touchscreen

The Finnish company, Nokia has just unveiled a creative concept handset that called the Nokia GEM. It has full-body touchscreen that excessive customization options and being full-phone display.

The idea is any part of Nokia GEM – whether front, rear or side panel – could be used to display information and touch control. For example, one side of phone can be display alphanumeric keyboard and weather information, while the other side is navigation map, media player panel or advertising.

Another original idea is when users launch the camera application; the whole phone is looks like a camera device. You can watch the idea of Nokia GEM on this video.

Nokia GEM Video Demo

Nokia GEM Video Gallery

Nokia GEM: what sort of phone do you want today?
Nokia releases a new phone concept – GEM – which revolutionizes mobile design by turning the entire handset into a touchscreen, as our video shows
Nokia GEM concept phone with full-body touchscreen


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