Nokia OZO Virtual Reality (VR) camera unveiled, record 360 degree video

After a long time, Nokia is back with official announced a new Virtual Reality (VR) camera, called the Nokia OZO. It is the company’s first VR device and also designed as a professional camera. So, new device isn’t aimed at a consumer market but to be a high-priced solution for professional media makers.



Coming in a globe shape, the Nokia OZO is capable to record 360 degree video that provides eight optical image sensors. Thanks to eight microphones, the OZO is allowing spatial audio capturing. This premium device brings some Premium features too such as real-time monitoring of 360 degree recordings. It is also enable to quickly creating low-resolution previews.


Well, film-makers will be easily to create 360 degree videos. Thus, they can quickly to publish and share it onto YouTube. It will reach more view numbers and interact with them on a phone, tablet, or PC.

[youtubevideo id=”fmywIv4p8D8″]

The Finnish company plans to launch the new Nokia OZO camera some time in quarter four of this year. Pricing of this VR Camera is still unknown at this time.


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