Orange Power Pump, charger use air pump

We know how to make a charger for mobile phones using solar energy, but so far all that was not very reliable for the time it took to recharge a battery (about 5 hours with sun light direct), but Orange has submitted a pretty simple idea and it would be a good way to save energy for the cell phone. It’s Orange Power Pump.

Presented at Orange United Kingdom, this charger uses an air pump driven by yourself (with your foot or hands) that moves will become a dynamic movement of air driven power to the mobile device. Orange Power Pump has measures 154 x 129 mm with a height is 47 mm. A generator of clean energy and easy, but with a problem, takes about 5 minutes by pumping air to take energy to make a call 5 minutes.

Give it some welly! Orange launches the Power Pump charger for Glastonbury 2009


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