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In October, Nikon surprised everyone with the launch of the odd player / headphone / PMP Nikon Media Port UP300x. The closest thing to these emerging gadgets in the movies, hi-fi headphones with a music player and video that included

These Koreans, as they are, together with the Chinese and Japanese topping the list of manufacturers of the world’s strangest gadgets. As this Samsung YP-VP1, which is an audio recorder to take notes or record a voice conversation, have also

Goodbye and bon voyage Pioneer, because the headline has been launched: Pioneer exits market for TV, so much effort for nothing in this Kuro. According to Nikkei News, the company might stop manufacturing all kinds of screens, completely out of

Now change to this model from LG called the Cookie. With the price more attractive market, enables LG to offer all users telephone device with a touchscreen technology. LG KP501 has meet for valentine gift especially for Valentine’s Day moments.