Panasonic DXG-5D7V 3D Pocket Camcorder and Glasses-free Media Player

Panasonic has recently announced the availability of its both 3D video camcorder and media player devices, called the Panasonic DXG-5D7V 3D Pocket Camcorder and Panasonic DXG 3D Media Player. The DXG-5D7V is a camcorder’s compact pistol-grip design with flexible playback options. The DXG 3D media player is full 3D on the player and not required glasses to see video and photos.

The Panasonic DXG-5D7V 3D Pocket Camcorder packs a VGA Standard 3D Dual-Lens Technology with H.264 AVI file format, 5 megapixel for still photo with JPEG format, and 4X digital zoom (2D mode only). The Panasonic DXG-5D7V has features a 3.2-inch 3D TFT display, 128MB on-board memory, a SD card slot (up to 16GB), HDMI, USB, and AV interface. Dimensions of Panasonic DXG-5D7V 3D video camera are 1.63 x 4.88 x 2.93 inches. It is bundled with 3D Video Conversion Software

The Panasonic DXG 3D media player has brings a 7-inch Parallax-Barrier Auto-Stereoscopic (glasses-free) TFT display with resolution of 800×480 pixel, Touchable Keys, Remote, Control, a slot for SD/MMC card, and USB 2.0 port. The Panasonic DXG 3D player is support for MPEG4, AVI with 720x480p resolution at 30fps, MP3 audio, JPEG graphics. It has measuring 8.39 x 5.41 x 0.94 inches.

The cost of Panasonic 3D Camcorder & Media Player bundle is $599.99. It is now available for pre-orders at and expected to ship August 6, 2010.

DXG-5D7V, ‘the only 3D video camcorder,’ now available for preorder
Panasonic DXG-5D7V 3D Pocket Camcorder and Glasses-free Media Player


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