Panasonic MC-RS1 Rulo robotic floor vacuum cleaner with triangle shaped design

We have already seen the robotic vacuum cleaner on market and that nothing new. However, most robots have similar shape on rounded or boxed that can’t reach areas most susceptible to dust, for example, in the corner. So, Panasonic has unveiled something Vacuum Cleaner and capable to reach these areas. One of solution is the Panasonic MC-RS1 Rulo floor vacuum, which has a triangular shape.


The device is also bringing new innovative with the technology and design of simple. The MC-RS1 Rulo triangular-shaped robot has two brushes that spins it and attract dust into its body. Well, it will able to reach tight corners or around places like table legs.


Alongside the triangular shape design, the Panasonic Robo Vacuum comes with Rulo sensor that making it a very smart device. According to source, the Panasonic MC-RS1 is capable to remember the path. These sensors are also able to detect obstacles such as furniture as well as pets (cats and dogs).


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Panasonic MC-RS1 Rulo Robotic Vacuum Cleaner can enjoy walk for an hour per single full charge. Interestingly, the smart cleaner is capable to find their way to the charging station. If you’re keeping an eye on the device, you be glad to know Panasonic will bring the MC-RS1 Rulo into the street in the month of March at least in Japan. Price of Panasonic robot vacuum cleaner is 107,780 yen (around $913).

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