Panasonic SC-HC3 and SC-HC4, New ultra-slim iPod docking

Panasonic has announced an early release in Japan two new docking stations for iPod, SC-HC3 and SC-HC4. The devices are similar in design and performance, but they differ in colors, plus the SC-HC4 is equipped with a slot for SD memory card. Both docking station equipped with two 6.5 cm speaker, the cone which is made of bamboo fiber and 40 watt stereo amplifier.

This docking station is also equipped with CD drive, AM/FM receiver, and 3.5 mm jack. SC-HC3 and SC-HC4 supports audio formats AAC, MP3 and WMA. In addition, the docking station equipped with a display that can display the song title and artist. Player Models are compatible with iPod mini, nano, classic and touch. Dock SC-HC4 offered in silver, black or pink colors. SC-HC3 is only in silver. It is sales of new start in Japan on April 18. The value of SC-HC3 and SC-HC4 is $ 350 and $ 400 respectively.

Panasonic intros pair of ultra-slim iPod D-docks


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