Patent Sony PS3 Remote: Wii Sensitive Motion Controller

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According to information from multiple sources at once, Sony intends to announce at E3 exhibition June the gaming controller for PlayStation 3. This controller can respond to movement, like the main remote, Wii Remote stations at Nintendo Wii. This information became known shortly after the rumors that Sony was allegedly preparing to submit a portable game console updated version at E3, Play Station Portable (PSP), which would not support the UMD drive.

One source has claims that have already benefited from the new controller. According to him, this device is more or less corresponds to the system described in the patent, two years ago. This patent describes a tracking system, in which the controller fixed several LEDs controlled by a small camera. If this information proves accurate, the Sony controller can more accurately track the movement in space than the Wii Remote, especially when moving back and forth, i.e., Z-axis in 3D coordinates system.

Report: Sony To Debut New Motion-Sensing Controller

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