PlayStation 4 Elite Wireless Controller now available

A controller is one of most important thing for serious gamers to reach what they want it. They are able to customize to their liking on game controller. So, some company known this and has been developed their controller that fulfill these experience. Called the PlayStation 4 Elite Wireless Controller, it is manufactured by a third-party company and perfectly for use it with your PlayStation 4 console.


This wireless controller is currently available for purchase from Target. You can pre-order right now with a price tag of just $79.99. Well, it is not bad at all.

PlayStation 4 Elite wireless controller comes with similar color as the official DualShock 4 controller. This device packs a D-Pad on the left part of controller, instead of individual directional buttons. You can easily customizable paddles in the back. Still on the back paddles, there are interchangeable with two present configurations. You’ll also found dual analog sticks. This controller provides multi-touch trackpad and integrated speaker.


It is housing in a rubberised packing for a firm grip. Good thing, the third-party PlayStation 4 Elite wireless controller is compatible with accessories originally meant for the Xbox Elite Controller. It is built-in battery, which is capable to charge using the USB cable.

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PlayStation 4 Elite Wireless Controller now available


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