Powersafer SC-20 pocket solar charger

Some companies and consumers have been gradually concerned for the environment and there are becoming machines and gadgets, more environmentally friendly.

We have recently seen an increase in recyclable packaging, and as ever will use more solar chargers to harness the energy of our sun, besides being a great option when you go somewhere without the plugs that we have become so life enjoy.

Powersafer has launched their new Solar charger, Powersafer SC-20 which weighs just 135 grams, making it easily transportable, ideal for use in a walk in the field or remote locations and enables batteries to recharge cell phones, media players, or portables device, all with the energy from the sun, even when the load is really limited, but well you could get some trouble, because for 10 hours charging gives you only 30 minutes to autonomy time.

The charger design is simply elegant, resembles a small book and has a solar panel on each of their cell, it comes with various adapters and gadgets for the car, plus an AC adapter. The price of Powersafer SC-20 charger is 70 Euros.

Powersafer SC-20 pocket solar charger


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