Project PUMA, another Information [Video]

GM was the work hard after aid and Obama announced in conjunction with Segway who are working on developing a two-wheeled vehicle, two seater and 100% power operation as part of the program staff or Urban Mobility and Accessibility PUMA Mobility Pod. It seems a joke, but it is very true, you put official information and photos.

This PUMA vehicle will be designed as a whole Segway-GM, and represent a fast alternative, safe, economical and clean cars and traditional SUV’s in cities around the world. PUMA (Vehicle Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility) also includes a modern data exchange system that allows vehicles to communicate with each other, to regulate traffic flow and avoid accidents.

PUMA, which weighs about 140 pounds, is defined as a machine for balancing zero emissions. Its power comes from two lithium batteries capable of traveling more than 55 km / h and travel about 56 km with a single charge. Prices have not yet been revealed but Segway and GM say that the production costs between 25 and 33% of production value of an average car. Here’s video of PUMA.


Test Drive: Project PUMA [Update]


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