Rumors: Canon Professional Camcorder using dSLR Chips

In the global network appeared rumors that the Canon will use the CMOS chips instead of CCD for its professional digital camcorder level. If the rumors prove correct, Canon will use CMOS-sensor size of APS-C for high-quality video cameras, which is used in digital SLR cameras. Perhaps, the new chips appear in digital camcorder line Vixia. If they decide to use the Canon CMOS chips in professional camcorder likely CCD era will soon come to an end, then as now, these sensors are preferable for use in digital camcorders.

As for the new camcorder, who prepares the Canon, it will be similar to the XL-H1 model shown. The device is equipped with a lens and EOS 12.1-MP CMOS-sensor, which can record video in 1080p format at a speed of 60fps/120Hz. That’s MPEG4 encoded has max rate of 56Mbps. The drives will be used to store such large amounts of data and it is not yet clear. Also among the new opportunities Camcorder mentioned support 12-bit video RAW format that will require a $4,000ish IO box providing SDI and USB 3 output.

Update on Canon’s rumored new video device


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