Samsung 460UT, 460UTn and 460UTn-UD: Large Format LCD display with World’s Narrowest Bezel Technology

On Friday, Samsung has submitted to the court users, three new Professional Large Format LCD display with a super-narrow bezel, the 460UT, 460UTn and 460UTn-UD. It is not difficult to guess, monitors large enough, and the size of the screen is 46 inches diagonally. So, the thickness of frame with top and side is only 2.4 and 4.3 mm respectively. We can see in the above photo frame display almost never seen. Note that the model 460UTn still boasts a built computer, who works under Windows XP Embedded. The set also includes a software package MagicInfo with Samsung. It allows you to manage content through the network. This model will be available this month. Their display have 46-inch displays features 1366×768 resolution, 3000:1 contrast ratio, 8ms response time and up to 700 units of brightness.

The second sample, 460UTn-UD, has a very extensive communication capabilities. You can combine for 250 such displays in the network, and they can be controlled in real time from one computer. Moreover, this model still is able to receive and process data from multiple sources (up to 125 PC). There are many options to connect to a PC or other video sources.

Samsung 460UT, 460UTn and 460UTn-UD will be retail in April 2009, on the value of these models have not yet been reported.

Samsung 460UT, 460UTn and 460UTn-UD Series Large Format LCD with super-narrow bezel


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