Samsung 4G WiMAX-ready laptops in South Korea

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Samsung is scheduled to release its 4G WiMAX-equipped notebook in South Korea this week. This laptop is integrated with 4G WiMAX that also well-known as WiBro.

According to source, new Samsung 4G WiBro notebook will distribute in its home market via KT and able to users to use KT’s 4G WiBro services nationwide.

There is no detail about specifications but Samsung will bring in five models that 4G WiBro-ready. It is including the Samsung Slate PC Series 7, Series 3 350U, Series 3 300V, Series 3 300E, and Series 3 RC530.

Samsung to launch 4G WiMAX-equipped notebooks in South Korea
Samsung 4G WiMAX-ready laptops in South Korea

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