Samsung C6625 Smartphone like Blackberry

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There are some similarities, but that when you see it today and not for the brand that offers both front and back, believing that a QWERTY keyboard Blackberry classic.
Samsung C6625 is a new Smartphone only a few days ago and will mark a turning point. All will be known at Mobile World Congress 2009, but this advance is what is said there before or after.

Its screen is almost 3 inches with a good definition and features the Windows Mobile operating system. Its camera is pretty poor, though certainly not what stands out in this genuine Smartphone.

It has Bluetooth 2.1 and its 3G, which have connections fast enough. Includes GPS and maps of the territory where you either Spain or the United States.

The price range for 400 € and will be leaving by mid-year.

Samsung C6625: Qwerty Windows Mobile Standard Device
Samsung C6625 Available?

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