Samsung Galaxy S4 wireless charging kit on official online store in US and India

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The Galaxy S4 flagship smartphone is first official introduced early last month. Now, the Korean electronics company has unveiled its accessory in the US and India, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Wireless Charging kit. It is mighty convenient since you can quickly and ease to recharger Samsung Galaxy S4 device. samsung-wireless-charger-for-galaxy-s4-2

Reportedly, Galaxy S4 Wireless Charger is already listed on official online store. In the US, if you’ve a Qi charger, customers can purchase the Galaxy S4 charging cover only for $39.99. That’s meaning wireless charger used the Qi technology.

Well, the Qi-enabled wireless charging pad is sold separately for $49.99. Otherwise, you can buy the Samsung Galaxy S4 Wireless Charging kit for cost $90.

Samsung has apparently started selling its wireless charging kit in India priced at Rs. 5,899. The replacement battery cover and the wireless charging pad is also listed at cost Rs. 3,399 and Rs. 2,699

Company is also plans to launch another accessories for Galaxy S4 smartphone. The upcoming Galaxy S4 accessories are the Body Scale (Rs. 4,699) and the Heart Rate Monitor (Rs. 4,699). Both devices should be available in India soon.

US store:
Wireless Charging Cover
Wireless Charging Pad

India store:
Wireless Charging Kit
Wireless Charging Cover
Wireless Charging Pad

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