Samsung Galaxy S6 on Telus receives Android Marshmallow update

A few day ago, Quebec-based Videotron rolled out Android 6.0.1 to the Samsung Galaxy S6. Now we’re hearing Telus has started to do the same for the handset on its network. Users of Galaxy S6 smartphone on Canada will able to enjoy new experience of Android Marshmallow.


Thus, Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow update for its carrier-branded version of the handset will bring something nice including April security upgrade, exercise greater control over app permissions, purchase easily and securely with Fingerprint support. Furthermore, it is experience enhanced battery-life through Doze and redesigned App Drawer.Telus-Samsung-Galaxy-S6-Marshmallow-2

You can check to see if the Android Marshmallow update is available for your Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone from the settings menu, it will be available some time later today, If you receive Android Marshmallow on your Galaxy S6 on Telus, leave a comment below and let us know.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 on Telus receives Android Marshmallow update


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