Samsung Game Pad controller fits Galaxy S4 or 6.3-inches handset

Published On March 17, 2013 | By Faisal Md | Mobile Phones, Toys

Gaming market seems delicious; Samsung has announced its newest as-yet-unpriced Bluetooth game enhancer controller, the Samsung Game Pad. It is basically a Bluetooth controller and phone docking, which aimed to gaming lovers. The Game Pad has been show off at Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone’s official announcement. Samsung-Galaxy-S4-Game-Pad

This device is compatible with smartphone/phablet between 4-inches and 6.3-inches. Reportedly, the Game Pad is also works with NFC and accommodates some Samsung handset.

Currently, the company doesn’t have 6.3-inches device yet, or it will same size of the rumored Galaxy Note III phbalet that expected to be arrived later this year.

The Samsung Game Pad coming with dual analog stick-sporting controller. Moreover, this controller has four action keys, a four-way stick, and shoulder keys. It used dual AAA batteries as power source.

Samsung Galaxy S 4 Game Pad supports 6.3-inch devices, raises eyebrows
Samsung Game Pad controller fits Galaxy S4 or 6.3-inches handset

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