Samsung S Pebble YP-W1 MP3 player made officially

Samsung has recently officially launched its latest music player in South Korea, the Samsung S Pebble (YP-W1). Designed to pair with the popular Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone, the S Pebble is allowing users to share music files seamlessly with hassle-free drag and drop without the need of PC. Moreover, the Samsung YP-W1 S Pebble has also capable to copy files from the computers, likes usual music player.

Coming with compact and sleek, also stylish design, the YP-W1 is ideal for fitness enthusiasts and active on-the-go users. It is measuring 32.5 x 43.1 x 13.3 mm.

The S Pebble (YP-W1) has features 4GB of internal storage, 17 hours of playtime, touchpad, and slide key (power, soundalive, and shuffle). This Samsung player brings a metal clip, bass boost (SoundAlive audio technology), and support for MP3, WMA, Ogg, FLAC as well.

There are two color options – metallic blue and ceramic white. Customers will able to grab the Samsung S Pebble YP-W1 MP3 player for cost 79,000 won.

Samsung S Pebble YP-W1 MP3 player made officially


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