SanDisk Ultra Dual USB/microUSB storage now available on 32GB of space

Best Buy is selling a new awesome USB flashdrive that known as the SanDisk Ultra Dual SDDD-032G-A46. This thumb-sized storage is available for price of $19.99 free-shipping. For that amount, you will get a 32GB of storage capacity. As honestly recommend for smartphone/computer users, the 32GB SanDisk Ultra Dual SDDD-032G-A46 compatible with both full USB 2.0 and microUSB ports. SanDisk-Ultra-Dual-USB_microUSB-storage-1

Meanwhile, you can easily connect your PC, Mac or even Android cell phone or tablet without need another devices. There are ample room to store your favorite pictures, videos, music and other important files. Also alternative a simple way to transfer them between computer and phone/tablet. This 32 GB USB/microUSB storage device is a perfectly to personally use in daily life. You can use this product when you need to free up some space on phone.

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New SanDisk Ultra Dual flashdisk measures 0.4 inches x 0.8 inches x 1.4 inches, while its weight is about 0.01 ounces. It comes in black color only. If you’re interested the device, go get it straight from the website.

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