Sanyo CY-SPG226: hybrid bike with special battery for large range

Sanyo, usually from other technology sectors announced shows an electric bicycle with CY-SPG226 battery that a large range.

There are a few things so that you always like to tell. From the harsh youth, for example, when you are always with the bike had to go to school. Always uphill, wind rain, hail and snow, always with the 54 km heavy knapsack on his back. Also on the way back! If the Sanyo CY-SPG226 as a means of enforcement, one is so nice to his children no more stories to tell.

On the other hand, it’s bike as an electric bike which is nice. Especially when you take a hill, or the wind is really annoying, can be an electric motor assist. However, the engine will also go so require, because the bike weighs 32 kilos. They also want to somehow be moved.

If you want to switch to electric operation, so you have a couple of km up the mountain, which the fitness is quite helpful. If the battery is empty, you have to wheel around 3.5 hours of electricity depends. For this purpose, however, then the juice for 85 kilometers in the battery plug.

Unfortunately, there is the bike only in Japan, it can at times Nikkei trendy (online shop) ordering process with a try. The bike cost 1200 euros converted.

Sanyo rolls out hybrid bike with 85km driving range


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