Sharp LR0GC02, Sharp Solar Panel for Mobile devices

Sharp in Japan has presented several mobile phones, including a solar panel module that is capable of recharging the mobile battery without having to do anything but let the sun. As these are released to AU and SoftBank mobile operators, Sharp has decided to sell this new solar panel. It solar module is thinner than normal, only 0.8 millimeters thick, for mobile.

We are a bit too far to see or mobile gadgets that use renewable energy, the main problem is that the energy is insufficient to capture the use, it is a huge problem. Perhaps the first thing we will see new gadgets that use energy hybrid battery with a traditional generator like this.

Either way, this module is a Sharp LR0GC02, Sharp start looking for alternatives energy to environmentally friendly clean energy to see widespread use not only for residential use, in this case mobile devices. It’s use Solar (photovoltaic) power generation. The solar cells can make up the module are based on polycrystalline silicon and deliver a maximum power of 300 mW.

Sharp Solar Panel for Mobile devices now available for the Global Market


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