Shuttle XS29 and XS29F, Compact PCs with VIA Nano platform

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It looks like VIA Nano platform are confident intrudes into many different segments of the computer market. Not so long ago we talked about light server, Dell XS11-VX8, established on the basis of this energy efficient platform. And now, a well-known manufacturer of small form factor (SFF), Shuttle has decided to expand its line of embedded systems Shuttle Embedded Slim series in the SFF, it is also working on low-cost VIA Nano chips.

New computers are called Shuttle XS29 and XS29F and there are designed for different activities, for example, the Internet or regular office work as well as to solve some problems in the field of multimedia. According to Shuttle, these compact machines are the ideal combination of optimum performance and energy efficiency.

Shuttle XS29 and XS29F Compact PCs working on different versions of the VIA Nano processor. Shuttle XS29 uses a more efficient VIA Nano L chip, and the model XS29F uses cooling system without fans is based on the VIA Nano U microprocessor with low power consumption and heat. Further details on these interesting devices will probably be known in June during the Computex 2009 exhibition.

Shuttle Launches Compact, Quiet and Durable XS29/XS29F Embedded SFF PCs

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