Sony ODS-D55U and ODC1500R next-gen optical storage system

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Sony has developed a new next-generation optical storage system. The new drive is called the Sony ODS-D55U that enabling write/read feature. It is also using USB 3.0 SuperSpeed connectivity that providing up to 5Gbps. To storage disc, it is using ‘special cartridges’ and available in 300GB to 1.5TB of capacity (model: ODC1500R etc.).

The new mass-storage optical disc archive solutions by Sony is scheduled arrive to market this fall 2012. The price of Sony ODS-D55U and its discs are still unknown at moment.

Sony also didn’t specify which technology is used in new device. It is probably using Blu-ray technology. The ODS-D55U is designed for creating of large data archives. The ODC1500R disc is dust and water resistance that suitable for withstand changes in humidity and temperature.

Beside storage, Sony also announced to organize the Optical Disc Archive Advisory Group. It will advance and adapting a new system of information storage.

Sony ODS-D55U and ODC1500R next-gen optical storage system
Sony Moves Industry toward the Creation of New Mass-Storage Optical Disc Archive Solutions

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