Sony PlayStation VR arrived in Canada

The most affordable high-end VR headset, Sony PlayStation VR (PS VR) is now available for purchase in Canada. Most retailers are offering the PS VR’s bundle at price of $699 CAD. That’s including the headset, PlayStation Camera and two Move remotes. In case you’ve own a PlayStation Camera and Move remotes, you can buy the standalone headset for cost $549.


Speaking of price, the Vive and Oculus are sitting at about $2000 for the cost of both the headset and a gaming PC, which can handling the intense graphical power required to run virtual reality smoothly. So, Sony PlayStation VR is the cheapest high-end headset out there. Games of Sony PS VR is being priced at $29.99 for Arkham VR title, but the Rigs that more in-depth experiences has cost $59.99.

PlayStation VROculus RiftHTC Vive
Resolution960 x 1080 per eye1080 x 1200 per eye1080 x 1200 per eye
Field of view100 degrees110 degrees110 degrees

This good-quality PlayStation VR is an entire platform consisting of multiple parts. It looks like nothing so much as a retro Daft Punk helmet. The device comes with a high contrast in materials between the white plastic, the black face, accents and cushions, and the blue lights. That’s making the PlayStation Camera to track the headset.



The inside part of handset, there is a black cushion that meets your forehead. The back of your head has a material that made from a comfortable, textured plastic material. Good things, Sony PlayStation VR fits around glasses much more comfortably. You are able to adjust the headset to fit someone’s head very quickly. That makes it easier to pass from person to person.

Well, Sony’s headset brings affordable VR to your livingroom. Company is also bringing along one of the better software lineups of any peripheral, and even some consoles, with a suite of titles that juggle name recognition and credibility.

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Sony PlayStation VR arrived in Canada


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