Sony PSP Go, get free games from UMD download access?

Just the other day was the announcement of a new portable game console, Sony PSP Go, we wrote about this in the news. This device is compact and lighter, but has lost the support of UMD. For the storage of content is proposed to use 16 GB of internal memory and Stick Micro Memory card. However, in this case the natural question arises: what do you already have an extensive collection of games on UMD, who would like to play them on the new console.

As it turned out, Sony introduced a special program, under which holders of UMD will be able to download copies of games that they have the media disk. Perhaps, the event will be free and designed for a long time. In all likelihood, users will be able to gain access to copies of games, which will become the new PSP Go console . While the exact terms of this program is not known, it is only now being developed, and Sony aims to long-standing fans of PSP portable game consoles will not be a loser as a result of the abolition of support for UMD.

Sony PSP Go owners to get UMD download access


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