Sony SmartEyeglass Developer Edition goes to your hands

Finally, the day has come. The Japanese company – Sony has launched its latest augmented reality glasses in several countries. Known as the Sony SmartEyeglass Developer Edition, the device went pre-order since last month. Now, it has been started shipping in the US, Germany, Spain, and the UK. Alongside in four countries, the Sony SmartEyeglass Developer Edition should be hit the shelves on other markets such as France, Italy, Belgium, Sweden and the Netherlands. In the US territory, the glasses gadget sells for $820, while the UK and another European countries are £620 and €800, respectively.



The developer version of the SmartEyeglass is aimed at enterprise customers that need an enhanced features rather than a usual wearable device. Its display comes with a full-frame transparent lens to offers a field of vision for a true augmented reality experience. Sony SmartEyeglass Developer Edition provides some features on your phone to do such as navigation, searching, and messaging.

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New SmartEyeglass is equipped with a speaker, microphone, NFC, 3MP camera, and a touch sensor (controlling the display). This Sony glasses is powered by an internal battery that survive up to 150 minutes of continuous use and has a 3MP camera.

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