Spin and play MP3 player: Green device and Yo-yo toys

The French designer Nicolas Cinguion, located in Shanghai since 2005 to integrate into a Chinese-centered product design, he has created an innovative music player that plays green MP3 device anytime and anywhere.

This MP3 Player not only has the appearance of Yo-yo, but also functions as a Yo-yo. This toy consists of a disk of wood, plastic or other materials whose edge has a deep groove around which is wound a cord, knotted by shaking a finger and makes the disc up and down alternately. And this is exactly how this Cinguion music player.

The player comes with a rubber cord coiled, in the image and likeness of a Yo-yo, and all you have to do is turn on the player, like you do with the famous toy, and play your favorite music. When the cord is stretched, the resulting energy is converted into useful electricity, which then charges the built-in batteries. The great designer does not indicate the time required to fully charging the battery, but the idea is nice and has that retro item that reminds us daily of our toy grandparents.

Spin and play MP3 player for music on the go


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