SwitchEasy ThumbTacks: Mini-Microphone for iPod

The SwitchEasy has announced new microphone called ThumbTacks for the iPod does not revolutionize the market because there are a few floating around, but we can not hide the pin design bought us all. SwitchEasy ThumbTacks has outstanding quality sound recording and Hi quality gold-plated non-corrosive plug also.

The device works with iPod nano 4G, iPod Touch 2G and iPod Classic 120GB through the proprietary software of the same gadget. However, this is only possible to install it on the Touch. You can purchase it for only 13 euros on the website of the company. It’s ultra small microphone with unique “ThumbTack” design. According SwitchEasy, ThumbTacks can works with third party Apps.

ThumbTacks™ For iPod Nano4G / iPod Touch2G
Say hello to our new tiny recordable mini-mic. Plug and play with your Nano 4G or Touch 2G.


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