Sylvania ECOlight: Shower Light

One thing, shower sold by Sylvania ECOlight have other advantages that can be a lamp lighting in the bathroom so that we can be a bit more money. Terrible LED lights can be operated without a power source for LED using this flow of water (water flow) as resources for the installation and also as easy as installing a shower as usual will not need to fuss or battery cable.

Thus, the usually always set the lights in the shower location, with this we can tap off and replace it with the lights in the shower. While the indicator lights for water temperature is placed around the shower shows the temperature around 25° C when the blue light and the temperature around 41° C when the red light.

Water Powered ECOlight Shower Light is sold with the price U.S. $ 39.99

Sylvania ECOlight – Water Powered Shower Light

ECOlight™ Water Powered Shower Light


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