Synology DiskStation DS216 and NVR216 NAS now available in the US

Synology has recently launched a pair of new network attached storage (NAS) devices, called the DiskStation DS216 and NVR216. Already available for purchase, the latter one will be arrive before the end of this month. The new Synology DiskStation DS216 is basically an updated version of DiskStation DS214 model. Thus, the Synology DiskStation NVR216 is designed for a network video recorder with 1080p HDMI output, up to nine IP cameras support, and so on.  Synology-DiskStation-DS216-and-NVR216-NAS-2

Designed for small-sized workgroups and offices, the DiskStation DS216 NAS server has 2-bay drives. It is powered by a Marvell Armada 38X dual-core 1.3GHz processor. The server is got 512MB of RAM, and an integrated Floating-Point Unit. The machine make an improved transfer speeds through an encryption engine that take the load off the main CPU resulting. The DiskStation DS216 provides a USB copy button and a USB 3.0 port. Overall, reading and writing speed of device are 111.18 MB/s and 112.79 MB/s, respectively.


Synology DiskStation NVR216 NAS will be available in two model options – support for 4 and 9 IP camera channels. It is suitable for act as network video recorder for retailers and small businesses. Well, the server will fulfil what they need to control a relatively small number of security cameras. Thank to HDMI port, the NVR216 can handled the monitor that capable to displaying 720p/30fps. Other noteworthy connectivity including USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports to ensure the device can directly connect into peripherals.


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