T-Mobile Samsung Memoir SGH-T929, Camera Mobile Or Mobile Phone?

Samsung and T-Mobile has announced some details before the release of its new mobile phone. Memoir (or SGH-T929, if you will) is a mobile phone with touch screen, with a fully-functional 8-megapixel camera in it. From the back, it seems that even a camera!

Basic specifications:
The device has a 240 x 400 pixel touch screen, keyboard and touch “TouchWiz” interface customizable widgets. Has GPS for navigation and LBS. A microSD slot allows for more storage space (what you need for your massive photographs). It is compatible with 3G, with full HTML browsing and Bluetooth 2.0 wireless technology stereo.

The camera has Xenon flash, 16x digital zoom, five shooting modes, and video recording. Is charged directly to Photobucket, Flickr and other online. There were no prices or release dates.

Much depends on the headset and the pricing of this contract. So far, it appears that a good camera with a phone attached to it. If TouchWiz is the same today as it was for the Omnia last year, then it’s still no competition for the iPhone. We have not been subjected to a barrage of marketing yet, but it is very possible that Samsung will market this mobile phone directly to the photo enthusiast, not lovers of the mobile web.

T-Mobile Samsung Memoir SGH-t929 8Mpix Phone


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