Pioneer Computers Australia made available its Sandy Bridge-based all-in-one desktop PC that called the DreamVision S18. Pioneer Computers DreamVision S18 Specifications In high-end configuration, new DreamVision S18 desktop is boasts a 3.4GHz Intel Core i7-2600 quad-core processor (3.8GHz in Turbo

Another ultrabook has just launched by Pioneer Computers Australia. It is called the DreamBook UltraSlim U14 and claimed the ultralight (1.5kg), ultrathin (21mm), ultra-battery life (25 days standby), and ultrafast (with Instant On). Pioneer Computers DreamBook UltraSlim U14 Specifications The

The Australian company, Pioneer Computers is started accepting orders for its latest Android smartphone, the DreamPhone Q43 3G. New handset is a bar-type form factor and runs Android 2.3 OS. DreamPhone Q43 3G Specifications Pioneer Computers DreamPhone Q43 3G smartphone