Tile Lost Found, key finder with cloud feature [video]

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Tile is a tiny device with Bluetooth connection which have to attached into your stuff and have functionality to find the item when it’s lost. You can put a Tile into other keys, purse or any stuff. Then you can track it using smartphone that have installed applications from Tile. It can also turn on alarms for easier searching. tile-lost-found-official-2

But there’s one thing that makes the Tile Lost Found is very interesting. It also can be used in cloud storage that mean registered on the Tile server. The advantage with this method — beg, gadget, bike, or other stuff (attached with Tile) is lost, we can announce it on the Tile server and other users of Tile will help to find it.tile-lost-found-official-1

The Bluetooth signal from the missing items will be automatically active for all users so every users can be know the missing item while they are close and notify to the owner. Tile key finder can also be shared to other users, for example, we may miss key (attached with Tile) at a friend’s house, and we can send a Tile’s signal to friends to help look for. Company claims the Tile is the world’s largest lost and found.

Unfortunately the battery of Tile is non-removable and non-replaceable. It promises capable to be used for one year only. At right now, the Tile is compatible with iOS device only.

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