TokioFlash Launches Heko Cryptologists Watch 16 LEDs

At first glance you can see a big wrist watch design, and particularly highlights its elegance. The creator of this work of art has been TokioFlash. Heko becomes a watch different from the common, as it indicates the exact time by a complex system of lights, 16 in total.

At the bottom you can see how they have to do to know when exactly, it seems the result is not as immediate as the conventional system watch, but without a doubt is an innovative mechanism.

Without doubt I think the design is elegant, but the mechanism does not seem so agile, having to walk counting lights depending on its color. Anyway, if you like this watch, which is also available in other colors, you commented that it has a cost of 9,800 yen, which would be 85 Euros.

Tokyoflash’s Heko watch: the perfect gift for fashionable cryptologists


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